Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Christian Writers Blog Chain: Thankfulness

Every so often my children receive a package, in the mail, from their loving Grandmother who lives on the other side of the states. Their favorite gifts, of course, are the tapes of cartoons she records off of one of the many kids channels found on satellite or cable. Especially since we don't have immediate access to either one. This most recent tape, though, came from a Christian kids channel.

Now as a mom, it is amazing to me how many times God speaks to me through these little cartoons. Funny even, but stopping in the living room the other day, I felt God had, once again, orchestrated the message for my benefit.

The woman, whose smiling face lit up the screen, was explaining the design of her teaching puppets. Each puppet had a pocket, which enclosed a heart, and wrapped in each heart was a lesson, something that this puppet carried. And like the things we also carry in our hearts, it could be good or bad. In this particular puppet, as she unwrapped the heart, a tape measure spilled out.

Let me just say, I, Sarah, carry a tape measure in my heart. That puppet could have, very well, been made to represent me. I, like the puppet, am always trying to measure up to the standards I create for myself, making a point to note all the places I fall short; as a parent, a wife, a friend, a housekeeper, and a provider. Measure, measure, measure. I base my standards on another person's accomplishments, another's strengths, and of course, berate myself when I fail to measure up.

But, I forget too often, that my true worth is NOT measured in human standards, nor my significance in the eyes of man... or this WOman, for that matter.

As this Thanksgiving draws near I am reminded of how blessed I am to be a part of God's house, where there are NO tape measures. There would be no need. God sees us, as we are, individuals, each unique with our own strengths and weaknesses. And nothing we can accomplish could ever earn the love and acceptance He already freely gave. How grateful I am that He would take the time to remind me. As He always does.

I will never fully comprehend how the God of the universe, the God who oversees billions of people, could care enough, to send a message to this solitary woman from central Wisconsin. But - I am infinitely grateful.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, for Your overwhelming and undeserved, love.

In the past couple weeks of following the Christian Writers Blog Chain I have read so many wonderful thoughts and stories, about thankfulness in times of trouble, for the beauty God placed all around us, direction for misplaced thanks, the list goes on. However, in each blog, the underlying message is this - we serve a God who cares. Please take the time to visit the blog links to the right. I promise you'll be blessed! Have a wonderful, and Happy Thanksgiving!



Sarah said...

Check...check...check...whew. I think it's working now. Lol! Had a few people let me know there were some issues but I think comments are back up and running! Thanks everyone! :)

TraciB said...

I think that could have been me too, Sarah - the girl with multiple tape measures, in fact. There's the body image tape measure, the writer capability one, the jewelry maker one, the "Am I being Christian enough?" one, and on and on. Thank God He's teaching me to drop the tape measures before they strangle the life out of me.

Excellent, timely post - especially for the WriMos among us who are trying to turn those blue word count bars green. Just another tape measure we shouldn't take so seriously... ;)

Victor Travison said...

Oh, man, isn't this a great truth! It is so tempting to compare ourselves to other people. "Why am I not getting as many hits on my website as Author Culture?" But I have to be thankful for my site and and I have a few faithful readers.

We have to measure ourselves by God's mission for us. Scripture talks about the plumbline, a symbol for measuring our uprightness against God's holiness. This is the only measure we need.

As for finding messages in cartoons, I do that all the time. I see them in Bugs Bunny, the Roadrunner, even Snagglepuss. It's amazing the different ways God finds to talk to us. ;)

~ VT

Anonymous said...

I can relate too. I'm always falling short in this silly game of inches.

Sarah, your work is a wonderful addition to the CW Chain. Thank you so much for joining us!

Linda (aka pprmint777)

Sarah said...

Thank you all for your comments!

For sure, Traci! If we allow it to it can truly strangle the life out of us!

Victor, I am glad I'm not the only one who finds messages in cartoons... I was starting to wonder. Lol! :)

Thank you, Linda! I appreciate you all being so willing to let me participate!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Sheila said...

Sarah, I really enjoyed this and it's something we can all probably relate to. I know I have been known to berate myself for my shortcomings. Focus on God and not on self will destroy the tape measures. :)

Good job.

Naomi Musch said...

Sarah, these are great thoughts and very encouraging. I think that the notion of thinking we need to "measure up" resonates with everyone, but even more ways with us homeschooling parents. It's very nice to meet another CW Wisconsinite, by the way. I grew up in central Wisconsin (Wi Rapids) and live up in the woods near Lake Superior now. My youngest of five will graduate from our homeschool next year. God bless!

Tracy Krauss said...

Great analogy Sarah. May I also say welcome to the Blog Chain.Blessings