Thursday, May 19, 2011

Childhood Dreams

Growing up here in the Wisconsin woods I spent many hours of my childhood excavating my backyard (much to my mother's dismay), and dreaming of becoming an archeologist. I loved history, especially the history of Egypt. And even more specific, the history of King Tut. What drew me to him in particular was in part the incredible discovery of his undisturbed tomb, but also the mystery surrounding Tut's early death. There has been so much speculation surrounding this event. Yet, we will never really know the truth. It is an unsolved mystery that is over 3,000 years old. Witnesses are gone, and all that remains are small remnants, a mere fraction of a puzzle, to piece together.

As an adult, history still fascinates me. I love stories - and this earth has thousands and thousands of years worth of them to tell. But, as I have grown, my interests have slowly shifted away from ancient Egypt and it has been a long time since I have studied that period of time. This year, however, as part of my children's Christian Rancher's field trip we are heading to the Science Museum in Minnesota for, none other than, the King Tut exhibit. I can't help but feel a little bit of the childhood Sarah resurface. How she would have loved to go! Funny, I find I still really do! As corny as it may sound, I am finally fulfilling this childhood dream. I can't help but feel like a kid all over again!



Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Ah, Sarah. We are kindred spirits! I started reading archealogy when I was twelve, beginning with Egypt. I also wanted to be an archaealogist. Although I never acheived that dream, I did get to see the King Tut exhibit when it was in Seattle. I was giddy, enthralled and in awe. I have expanded my interests to include all history, ancient as well as modern plus art, writing and of course books! Your visit to the exhibit will be awe inspiring. I will be anxious to hear your thoughts on your return.

Sarah said...

We definitely are, Cecilia!
I never achieved my dream of being an archeologist either. But - I sill would LOVE to be one! Our trip was wonderful! So, amazing to see the work of someone who lived so long ago! However, the "Do not touch" signs were a little hard to follow. But I am proud of myself. I fought the urge! ;)
Without a doubt, I was in awe!
Thanks for commenting, Cecilia! :)