Friday, August 27, 2010

The Bride Collector - book review

Book Review for 'The Bride Collector'

Ted Dekker is a creative, unique individual who brings a whole new style of writing to the genre of Christian Fiction. As a Best Selling Author of multiple thrillers he is known, also, for adding a little fantasy, and a little mystery. Though some of his books, at times, go over-board lending to my doubts as a reader, this book had just the right touch. Captivating and full of suspense, Ted Dekker, sucks you into the life of FBI Agent Raines as he seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding "The Bride Collector" and his strangely ritualistic murders, all while discovering the meaning of true beauty.

A definite 'must read'! I am giving this book a full 5-stars for originality, action, suspense, and for the overall read. A very satisfying book.

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