Friday, April 23, 2010


How days do fly. To think about time in comparison to the vast expanse of history, we occupy but a mere fraction of a second. A mere fraction and our life has come and gone and the world moves into the hands of an entirely new generation. Our chance to realize our dreams or change the world is gone... Wasted? Or accomplished? The majority will end their life with regrets, things left undone. The minority will strive and fight until their final breath, and in that, they will succeed. Which will you be? At your funeral how will your obituary read? What will people say about you? What would you say about yourself?

What brought this on you ask? Well, nothing quite so deep as the above would suggest. :) My daughter wants her ears pierced. She is 7-1/2 years old. Already. There is something about this event to me that just screams how short time is. Wasn't she just born!?!

I'm sure there are many moms who would tell me if I had pierced them when she a baby I wouldn't have to go through this rather ridiculous emotional response. Haha! And they are probably right. But I remember the day I got my ears pierced. I was nine-years-old and the excitement of picking out my first pair and even the sacrifice of pain for that little bit of girlish vanity was something I wouldn't trade, nor would I steal that experience from my daughter.

She is getting older every day, closer to that day when she will no longer be a child, but a woman. Excuse me if I shed a tear. It is bittersweet, these wonderful years of motherhood.

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Jeff Deutsch said...


It's the ol' theory of relativity. Just today, one of my Facebook friends posted that the summer would just fly by too quickly what with all the activities she had for her kids. I pointed out that if she just kept the kids at home with her this summer, the time would pass as slowly as she pleased!

As Bil Keane (creator of the cartoon Family Circus) pointed out wrt kids: "Enjoy every age and every stage...they all pass too quickly!"


Jeff Deutsch