Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time Wasters, aka This Stupid Computer!

It is amazing how many times I hear people, including myself, talk about the lack of time. It seems that time has almost become non-existent in this fast-paced world we live in. We have jobs, and families, and hectic running back and forth only to find ourselves still short on accomplishment at the end of the day. Our children lack for attention, our homes as well, yet we fling ourselves on a couch for some TV or before a computer to type out our frustrations on Facebook, or Twitter. It will be quick right? And then a video on Facebook directs us to Youtube and Youtube suggests a video that gets us searching and before long an hour (maybe two) has passed. An hour wasted in a world short on hours.

What is your biggest time waster? Mine? The computer. It is too easy to allow the time to pass and things around the house to go undone. My scheduled writing time frequently turns into internet time, and I leave the computer feeling very unaccomplished. But it is my fault. I lack self-discipline. How do you gain it? Practice! Self-discipline is a habit that needs to be developed, and practiced. It's a conscious decision to limit yourself, and you must! Turn those hours of wasted time into productive time and I guarantee you will find that God, in fact, did create enough hours in a day.

It's not to late to make that New Year's resolution. Set some limits and gain some hours!



Tracy Krauss said...

Yes, it is all about self discipline. Scheduling the amount of time you allow yourself to do your blogging, FB etc. AND STICKING TO IT is one strategy. Even if you're not 'finished' just move on. Another author suggested a schedule of different sites for each day. (eg: facebook one day, myspace another ...) I have found this does not work for me, but ...

Sarah said...

Great strategy! It's the moving on before I am finished that I struggle with! :) But something that needs to be done, right? Thanks for the comment, Tracy!

Brenda Leyland said...

Popped over from Tracy's... congrats on receiving the Stylish Blogger award.

Enjoyed the visit.

You mention the struggle with time and your computer. Me too! In fact, I took time away these past weeks from my computer, my blog, Facebook, e-mail.

My blog name is It's A Beautiful Life, and I'd come to recognize that with all the stuff I was going on my computer, I was writing more about living a beautiful life than actually living it.

But I'm back now... and hopefully I can stick to some schedules that keep the balance so that all of my life stays beautiful.

Here's wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places.......

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by!

It is easier sometimes to write about what we should do then to actually do it, isn't it?! :D Schedules do help and I am also working on sticking to one. Some days I do better then others.:)

God bless you, Brenda! And I wish you the same!