Friday, April 22, 2011

Why Easter?

This Good Friday I want to share a poem written by a very special woman - my husband's Grandmother. I couldn't say enough about this amazing woman, whose unfaltering faith in Christ has set the example for our family over and over again. She has been a willing instrument for Christ and has blessed so many and continues to do so as, even in her nineties, she ministers to and cares for all those that come in contact with her. I hope you enjoy one of the many poems that has overflowed from this tender and full heart!

Why Easter?
by Anna Anderson

Things were going on as usual
The day that Jesus died
The world was hustling all about Him
But He was alone denied!

He was just another criminal
To the throng that saw Him there
They saw -- But shunned involvement
Who was He, that they should care?

Some were sad to see such treatment
And they wondered what He'd done,
His face was sad, His eyes so lonely,
Could He really be God's son?

his face showed anguish pain and heartache
His form was stooped beneath the load
But no one cared enough to help Him
As blood dripped freely on the road.

Where were Peter, James and John
As he trudged this path alone.
Surely someone would stand by Him
Surely someone -- but there was none!

Where were the blind, the lame, the lepers
That were so thankful He'd passed by?
It's been only days since He healed them
He had listened to their cry.

Then I heard the blow of a hammer
Then I heard a sudden thud
Then it seemed I heard faint moaning
I saw blood stains in the mud

Then a loud cry resounded
As the thunder shook the sky
As the whole world, trembling in darkness
Saw our lovely Savior die.

Some thought that it was over
When He hung His head in death
But it was only the beginning
When He ceased His earthy breath.

And so, our life is just beginning
When we are laid away
Our soul goes to God who gave it,
Our body goes back to clay.

But our soul lives on forever
That's why Jesus came
He made it so simple, that none need to be lost.
We are "His" by just taking His name!

God Bless, and may you all have a beautiful Easter as you reflect on God's most precious and merciful gift.

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